Because Portugal is much more than Lisbon!

Welcome to the BEYONDLISBON® website

Come with us on a journey of adventure and discovery, of tastes and smells, of relaxation and excitement.

Did you ever wonder what Portugal has to offer beyond its capital? What is there to see? How to get to the real essence of the country? We're here to help you understand Portugal in a new light. We'll show you where to find some pretty incredible things, including coordinates to reach them. There'll be articles, trivia, glossaries and an ever increasing amount of data related to people, monuments, traditions, legends, handicraft, historical timelines, arts and nature, as well as sports and activities. There's also room for food and drink, thermal baths, festivities, bars and much, much more!

Don't miss the regular updates, on this page and on social media (check the links at the top of the page). We hope you enjoy the site, stop by regularly and help us make it better! This is a page for everyone, the starting point of a lifetime of experiences in this wonderful country... beyond Lisbon!


Hi, my name is Cátia! This website is a natural evolution from my blog and is run by my significant other and me. Travel has been a love of mine since I was a kid. Growing up, I found out that travelling also involves food, drink and a whole array of experiences. The way I see it travelling gives us new perspectives.

I started the blog as a way to show people that Portugal is more than just its capital city, Lisbon, while sharing some personal views and experiences. This site is not a replacement of that, it's a database for what the blog started to do and will continue to do. I want to share with you what Portugal is truly about, giving my personal views and experiences. Besides my native Portuguese I also speak English, German, French, Italian, enough Spanish to keep me from getting lost in Spain and a few not-essential-kind-of-embarrassing words in Hungarian. This helped me get in touch with many different people and receive feedback on all the things they thought they knew about Portugal and its people.