Because Portugal is much more than Lisbon!

Welcome to the collaboration page of the BeyondLisbon website! Thank you for wanting to know how you can help us. :)

I can be a part of this? Tell me more!

There are two ways in which you can help the BeyondLisbon website and project:
The work-related data collection, review and discussion effort, and the non-data work-related friendly sponsorship.

Give me the details!

There are three main ways to help on the data-related work:

  1. Although Portugal may seem like a tiny rectangle on the world map, the truth is there is a lot to see - trust us on this one! That means there are, obviously, things we don't know about. In fact, that is part of the beauty of the country. :) If you know of something or some place not yet on the website, something you believe the world should know about, or if you managed to locate one of the things we were not sure about, by all means do let us know.
  2. We're not perfect and we can make mistakes. If you found something on this website which you think is wrong or needs correcting / updating, let us know and we will correct it as soon as we can.
  3. Great minds thing alike! Do you have an idea for the website? Something you believe would be interesting and useful for everyone? Send us an e-mail and we'll be glad to look into it!

You can also send us an email just to say "Hi!" or to establish a partnership with us. Send us an e-mail and we'll discuss how we can work together for everyone's benefit.

There are also some ways to help with non-data work-related friendly sponsorship. This page is not connected to any private or public institution, so we receive nothing from them in ways of income or sponsorship. That means everything on this website is paid for from our own pockets. Anything that we get as sponsorship, no matter in which form, we try to apply it into the maintenance and sustainability of the BeyondLisbon site and project. Anyone who can help us in this way shall be credited as a Sponsor on the Credits page. Check bellow how you can do it.


Any small sponsorship is welcome! If you'd like to help us keeping up the website this is a simple way of doing it. Just send it to us using as reference the e-mail Make sure to tell us your name so we can add you as a sponsor to the website. :)


If you don't have a Paypal account then you can send your sponsorship through WU. The city is Lisbon, Portugal (yes, we know, ironic, but it works this way). You send us an e-mail and we will tell you the name of the destination person and then you will send the details of your sponsorship. For security reasons this will be done by contacting through e-mail. As wih Paypal you should tell us your name so we can add you as a sponsor to the website. :)